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New York Chin Implants
Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure in which a synthetic implant is inserted into the chin area. Chin augmentation can increase the size and prominence of the chin, making it an ideal solution for individuals with a weak or undersized chin. The procedure can also help to balance out the facial features for greater facial harmony. In fact, it is commonly performed along with rhinoplasty to improve the aesthetic balance of the face.
will evaluate your chin and face during your consultation in our Manhattan office in order to determine the best approach to meet your desired results. The chin augmentation procedure may be performed in  New York City office or at one of Manhattan’s desirable hospitals or surgicenters. Either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia may be used and the surgery usually lasts thirty minutes to one hour. The incision for chin augmentation may be made just under the chin or inside of the lower lipwill select an implant of the proper size and shape and then insert it into a pocket over the jawbone before closing the incision.
Some discomfort can be expected after the chin augmentation procedure and this can be lessened with medication. Swelling and bruising may also result, and patients may find it difficult to smile, talk or make other facial movements for a brief period of time. If incisions are made on the inside of the mouth, dietary restrictions may be necessary. Surface stitches are removed within five to seven days and patients are often able to return to work after one week.