Chin, Cheek and Jaw Reshaping NYC New York NY

Chin Surgery - Chin AUgmentation - Cheek Augmentation - Jaw Reshaping
Chin Surgery or mentoplasty and Cheek Surgery are procedures to augment or reduce the chin and cheek bone. Chin Augmentation and Cheek Augmentation are usually performed with chin or cheek implants but can also be performed with soft tissue transfer such as fat transfer (click here for more information) from another part of the body. Chin and cheek reduction are performed by surgical reducing the size of the bone by filing or burring it down. A well defined facial skeletal structure gives balance to the face and is an integral part of one's profile.
In men a stronger square chin and jawline are ideal. In order to accomplish this, jawline implants which are different than chin impants are performed along with chin augmentation. In women a chin and jawline should be balanced and defined but softer and more understated.
Cheek implants can provide balance and highlights to a less defined face or further enhance an already existent cheek structure. During your consultation Doctor Jacono will use digital computerized 3-D morphing technology to help analyze your face and set the goals for surgery.